What it Means to Be a GAF Master Elite Contractor

December 8, 2022

Working as a contractor requires some amount of specialization but it does not explicitly require mastery of any one skill. This holds true in residential roofing. There are many excellent roofers out there but many cannot call themselves masters. A GAF Master Elite Contractor is able to partner with the largest seller of shingles in America to bring a top-tier specialization to their roofing jobs.

Becoming a GAF Master Elite Contractor is a dedication to your craft and committing to consistently delivering top quality work and customer service. Let’s take a more in-depth look as to what it takes to get there and what it means when you call a GAF Master Elite Contractor to handle your roofing job.

Experience and Insurance

In order to become a GAF Master Elite Contractor, a residential roofer must be licensed and insured. This requirement protects homeowners and helps build trust from the first phone call. Also, a contractor must have 7 years of experience in roofing jobs before they can be considered for Master Elite Contractor status. Having these requirements from the outset helps to reserve this tier for those who are most serious about their work in roofing.

Customer Satisfaction

GAF will only consider roofers who have exemplary track records with their clients for their Master Elite Contractor certification. Homeowners make a substantial investment in their home when they replace their roof. They must be able to trust that the work will withstand the elements through the years. Homeowners must be confident that they will only need to administer regular maintenance over the lifespan of their roof and not face extensive repairs due to shoddy workmanship.

Commitment to Excellence

GAF Master Elite Contractors must also commit to on-going training in order to be certified. This commitment to their craft is exactly what homeowners are looking for when searching for a roofing contractor. They don’t want their home to be just another roofing job, they want to be confident that their home will be treated with the utmost care. 

Benefits to Being Master Elite

There are several other benefits to working with a GAF Master Elite Contractor beyond simply having reliable work being done on your home, GAF Master Elite Contractors are able to offer the best deals on GAF products along with their Golden Pledge warranty, giving the work on your home the utmost protection. 

If you are a homeowner searching for the best, look no further than MNRC. We are here to give your home the touch it deserves and not treat it like another roofing job. We are GAF Master Elite Contractors with the reputation that comes with it. Reach out today to schedule an estimate. 

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