Siding 101: Understanding Different Types and Their Benefits

February 27, 2024

Your house is an extension of yourself, and siding is one of the first things people notice when they come to visit. Color, texture, durability and versatility are just a few of the things homeowners consider when making a decision about siding.

The first step to choosing the best siding is understanding each type and what benefits they have. Some traits matter more to homeowners than others, so it’s important to identify what matters most to you and choose your favorite siding accordingly. 

Let’s examine some popular siding variations and determine which one is your perfect fit.

Mastic Siding

Mastic siding is a type of vinyl siding, and it’s a popular choice among homeowners for good reason. For one, it’s sturdy and low-maintenance, saving you valuable time and money on repairs. Mastic siding is also able to withstand major weather conditions, a definite plus for Minnesota homeowners.

Vinyl siding products also require few raw materials and produce almost no waste, making mastic siding an eco-friendly choice.

LP Siding

For over twenty years, LP siding has been a no-brainer for homeowners who want distinctive, quality siding. It’s made of a variety of materials, including chipped wood treated with a zinc borate compound, which protects it against pests and fungus. Its edge coating helps it stand up to harsh weather conditions, and its coating of wood binders repels moisture. With the snow and rain of Minnesota, this is a top choice. 

LP siding requires occasional repainting to keep it looking beautiful, but it’s worth the extra effort. For homeowners who don’t want to take up the paintbrush, a siding contractor is a great investment. 

JamesHardie Siding

JamesHardie siding is synonymous with individuality, history and mid-century modern sensibilities. Homeowners don’t have to sacrifice beauty for durability – JamesHardie siding delivers equally in both. With baked-on ColorPlus technology, this vinyl siding resists fading in the sunlight. 

In other words, this prefinished siding looks great for a long time. 

EDCO Metal Siding

An award-winning steel roofing, EDCO siding offers both beauty and quality. This sturdy siding withstands harsh wind, hail, snow and ice, making it perfect for those living on rugged terrain. EDCO steel siding comes in a variety of styles, including lap, vertical, dutchlap and shake siding, and has a number of premium color options. 

MNRC: Your Trusted Partner in Siding Restoration

Mastic, LP, JamesHardie, and EDCO siding have stood the test of time and have experienced unparalleled customer satisfaction. MNRC proudly offers them to our customers in Minnesota. 

Find the siding that fits your budget and makes your house feel like a home. Contact us today to get started.

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