What To Do After Your Roof Is Damaged by Hail

January 5, 2023

When a storm blows through town, we tend to worry about wind damage and flying debris. Without a doubt, this poses a risk to homes as debris and wind can shatter windows and cause structural damage. However, there is another threat; one that does not appear with every thunderstorm but when it does, it is a force to be reckoned with. 

Hail can cause serious damage to anything in its path. While cars can be parked in the garage and lawn furniture can be brought in, the one part of your home that will be exposed any time it hails is your roof. Your roof will take the brunt of the hail damage from a storm. Here we will discuss what to expect after a hail storm, from roof inspection to possible roof restoration or replacement.

Now What?

A hail storm blew through and you’re standing in your lawn, surveying the damage and thinking about what to do next. Even if there is no visible hail damage to your roof, the first step is to call your home insurance agent and work with them to get a roof inspection scheduled. In the meantime, if it is safe to do so, take photos of your roof after the storm has passed. It is likely that certified roof inspectors will have a backlog in your area immediately after the storm and taking photos will help create a record of what your roof looked like immediately after the storm. Having an agent or certified representative inspect your roof accomplishes two things at once. 

  • First, the inspection gives you a clear picture of the health of your roof beyond the damage that may have occurred during the storm. This allows you to plan for a possible future roof restoration even if the storm did not necessitate one. 
  • Secondly, a roof inspection will be necessary should you need to file a claim in the event of extensive hail damage. 

To Restore or Replace

A roof inspection will help you determine if you need to fully replace your roof or if roof restoration is an option for you. The extent of the work needed will depend on how much hail damage your roof took on from the storm. A roof restoration may be an option should portions of your roof be in better condition than other portions. Of course it’s entirely possible that there are widespread issues with your roof — in which case you will need to replace your roof altogether. 

Regardless of how much work is needed to get your roof back to tip-top shape, you will want to be sure that you are working with a trusted roofer who will get your home back together on time and on budget. 

We’ll Help You Through The Storm

MNRC is here to help you through the aftermath of the storm. We can inspect your roof and help you determine whether you will need to replace your roof or if roof restoration is an option. If you are in need of roof repair or replacement, reach out to schedule an inspection today! 

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