Has Your Home Been Damaged by Hail? Know the Signs of Hail Damage

April 5, 2023

Quality siding looks amazing and will last you quite a while — anywhere from 20-40 years, in fact. That is quite an impressive return on investment! However, your siding isn’t impervious to the elements. As the warmer months roll on, a powerful storm could easily sweep through your area. At times you’ll be able to undo the storm damage with siding repairs, but that won’t spare you from needing to replace your siding at some point. Hail damage can quickly require you to consider siding replacement. The next time a storm rolls through your area, check for these issues to ensure your siding is still protecting your home from the elements.

Cracks and Holes

If your siding has cracks or holes after a storm, it is time to replace it. A single hole or crack can be repaired, but when the holes and cracks begin to multiply, the siding has to go. This is a relatively common occurrence during storms as the constant pelting of hail coupled with torrential rains can not only cause cracks but will exacerbate any damage that is caused. Left unchecked, these issues can lead to moisture, insects, and small vermin entering your home.

Warping and Buckling

Should you notice any warping and buckling in your siding, it is time to replace it. Somehow, moisture has gotten in — likely due to the impact of hail or other debris. Warping and buckling usually take place when there is some sort of issue with the installation of your siding. Storms make these difficult-to-notice flaws obvious by warping and cracking your siding. This will lead to some of the same issues as cracks and holes, with insects and small vermin potentially getting into your home.

Rot and Mold

If your storm damage is left unchecked, rot and mold will begin to form in your home. This mold will begin to deteriorate your home, causing even more damage than the storm did in the first place. Rot and mold bring a new wave of potential issues in the form of health risks. Not only is the presence of rot and mold a clear sign of moisture, but breathing mold spores can also lead to some serious health risks.

If you are experiencing one or more of these issues, MNRC is here to help your house remain the home you deserve. We strive for unparalleled craftsmanship and rely on only the best available materials. 

If you need siding replacement or inspection, reach out today!

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