Best Roofing Contractors in St. Paul

Roof Repair? Full Replacement? We Can Handle It.

Your home’s roof is a guardian from St. Paul weather, leaks, animals, and more. Even during the milder spring and summer months, your roof can be vulnerable to the elements. From tornadoes to hail to critters and everything in between, having a high-quality roof is important for your comfort and safety. 


Following extreme weather events or the winter thaw, scheduling a consultation with the best roofing contractors in St. Paul can help ensure your home is protected and ready for anything else that may come. The team at MNRC specializes in high-quality roof repair and replacement in St. Paul that keeps your roof in top condition, increasing the value of your home.

A town house complex features two stories of quality Marvin Double Hung windows.

Our GAF-certified roofing contractors provide security, safety, and peace of mind that your roof will be able to sustain our state’s unpredictable weather and will keep you dry and comfortable all year long.


Scheduling local roof repair is a great idea to get ahead of any persisting or unforeseen issues. Our team offers free roof assessments in St. Paul, so you can stay proactive and well-informed before any problems arise.


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Roofing That Makes a Difference

Looking for quality roofing services in St. Paul? Trust MNRC to get the job done right the first time. 


We operate in St. Paul and throughout the Twin Cities to inspect roofs and repair damage with care and expertise. Your roof is a key factor in your home’s structure and makes a difference in the comfort and the safety of your family. It also is a key value indicator of your home and can help you demand a higher price upon sale. We take these responsibilities seriously and make sure to use quality materials and practices for our St. Paul roofing services


When you schedule roof repair with MNRC, our team will bring an unmatched quality of work to your home. We use top-of-the-line GAF roofing materials and shingles that are made to last.


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